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QCT Miami Daily Black Heritage Tour™:

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Developed by a Native!

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Welcome to Da Hood!

  • ◊ Where did the first Blacks/African-Americans immigrate here from?
  • ◊ What was the first Black/African-American neighborhood developed in Miami?
  • ◊ Who was the first Black/African-American millionaire businessman in Miami?
  • ◊ What's Miami connection with boxing heavyweight champ Muhammad Ali?
  • ◊ Who were some of the well-known Black/African-American entertainers that put Overtown (formerly Colored Town) on the map?
  • ◊ What iconic Black/African-American athelete set up a training camp for inner-city youth in Miami?
  • ◊ Where is the first Black/African-American owned hotel on Miami Beach?
  • ◊ What well-known Blacks/African-Americans have homes in the Miami area?
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Lyric Theatre - Overtown

See and learn over 120 years of Miami history as well as current and future plans. Our 1½-hour and 3-hour guided motorized (and walking/Downtown) climate controlled city tour includes sites in Downtown (including the Wynwood art district), and three early suburbs (Overtown, Little Havana, Miami Beach/South Beach) that include Art Deco, MiMo (Miami Modern), Mediterranean, and Streamline architecture, as well as scenic tree-lined streets. There is a 25 minute stop for bathroom break, snacks, and/or souvenirs (3-hour tour only). These are small-group personalized tours that take you places double-decker buses cannot.

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This is our signature tour and is certain to be a hit with tourist, newcomers, and long-time residents' of Miami.