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Article Archive/August 2011

Updated July 26, 2011

Queen City Tours® Combat Basic Training Tour -- Fort Jackson/Columbia, NC
Support Our Troops!

Click to Enlarge High Crawl Pic!By Staff/Trend Magazine Online™

Ever wonder what effort is put into transforming a civilian into a full-fledged mean and lean fighting machine? Well, starting October 2011, you will be able to experience part of that transformation first-hand by participating in the new Queen City Tours Combat Basic Training Tour which is scheduled monthly. Show your American patriotism by supporting our future troops as they train to become full-fledged soldiers that will continue to protect our freedoms and way of life! These tours will be escorted by Jay Whipple, a former Drill Sergeant and retired U.S. Army/Army Reserve Non-Commissioned Officer who has trained at and has trained others at Fort Jackson, SC, for nearly two decades. He will be recounting his many years of training on post and his personal experiences as a paratrooper and Special Forces Soldier at Fort Bragg, NC -- home of America's guard the 82nd Airborne Division.

Click to Enlarge DS Whipple Pic!Basic Combat Training (BCT) lasts ten gruelling weeks and is designed to transform regular civilians into well-trained and disciplined soldiers. During this ten-week soldierization process, recruits are taught the Seven Core Army Values, teamwork, and all tools necessary to succeed as a Soldier in the United States Army -- the world's best-trained fighting force.

Training is conducted in three phases: The Red, White, and Blue.

Click to Enlarge Confidence Course Pic!The Red Phase ensures that every new recruit is physically and mentally prepared to start combat basic training and initially consists of orientation, haircuts, and uniform issue. Next, official training begins with an introduction to physical fitness, Drill and Ceremony (D&C), Military Customs and Courtesies (MC&C), Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defense (NBC), Landmine Defense, and rappelling the Confidence Tower. The White Phase teaches vital Soldier skills and instills confidence in each new recruit. Physical training is more intense and recruits are taught more advance Drill and Ceremony maneuvers. Training also includes a Tactical Foot March, Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM), Engagement Skills and Situational Training Exercises, Field Training Exercises, Confidence Obstacle Course, and a Tactical Foot March. The Blue Phase is the final phase and it allows recruits to test their red and white phase training by negotiating the Night Infiltration Course, as well as U.S. Weapons and field training. Recruits will also be tested on their ability to complete a 10KM and 15KM Tactical Foot March with gear.

After successfully completing each phase to Army standards, each recruit will then congregate for their much anticipated and Rites of Passage graduation. This is an excellent opportunity for potential recruits to see exactly what they can expect if they are inducted.

All tours will include round trip transportation, observance of any of the above training (Except night training and depending on training schedule), Dutch treat lunch on post, a self-guided tour of one or more of the following military museums: Basic Combat Training (BCT) Museum, US Army Chaplain Museum, Finance (FI) Corps Museum and Adjutant General's (AG) Corps Museum, and/or The South Carolina Military Museum, and a souvenir stop.

Click to Enlarge DS 2 Pic!

Want to go? Click here for additional information including dates, pricing, and reservation form.

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