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Article Archive/July 2013

Updated July 1, 2013

Mother of the Matrix; and Terminator Movies? Part II
Ms. Sophia Stewart!

Terminator Pic!By Jay Whipple/Trend Magazine Online™

Here we go again folks with part two of my very bizarre experience/interview with a very strange lady who may indeed be the self-professed mother of both the Matrix and Terminators movies. After all, most so-called "normal" people do not think in terms of cyborgs, encrypted codes, and dark agents who may or may not be real. I just have a serious problem believing anyone who just cannot get their facts straight 100% of the time. In my book the truth does not have to be rehearsed but lies do have to be memorized over and over again. Well, you read part one, now here is part two of my recorded interview with Ms. Sophia Stewart who has recently continued her personal attacks against me by calling me a dummy. You be the judge. Is she "live" or Memorex?

Jay – How did the term Matrix come about in your book?
Stewart -- Matrix is Latin for womb when he [Neo] grows up at 30 years old in the future. The word is mentioned 5 times in the Bible—[e.g.] Exodus 13:12 [KJV]. Children that are born in a petri dish, cloning and artificial insemination are born without souls.

Jay – What else should we know about the Matrix movie?
Stewart -- The Matrix was the first sci-fi about black superheroes period. It won 4 Oscars and changed the way Hollywood does business. The studios wanted Will Smith to play the Neo character but he turned it down for the Wild, Wild West [1999], which he regrets.

Jay – I still have trouble following parts of the Matrix movie. Am I just slow or are your concepts that complicated?
Stewart -- You can see the Matrix and Terminator 100 hundred times and still see something different, just like the Bible. The same as with my book Matrix 4.

Jay – You worked briefly for Columbia Pictures, what was that experience like?
Stewart -- I worked in Vice President Dick Boris’s office. I was just a clerk/secretary. They took a special liking to me. They started introducing me to all of these celebrities like Diana Ross, Shelley Winters and Bobbi Gentry.

Cyborg Pic!Jay – You sent me a picture of you and Penny, I mean Janet; or Ms. Jackson (If you’re nasty). How did you meet her?
Stewart -- I’ve known all of the Jacksons since 1980. They gave me my first writing break. I did Janet Jackson’s Blue Short and “My Special Love” -- Tito wrote the song and Latoya performed it. They asked me to write these movies for them.

Jay – How did The Greatest (Muhammad Ali) help you out along the way?
Stewart -- I met and was engaged to Muhammad Ali in 1982. He introduced me to Jane and Leon Isaac Kennedy, Magic Johnson, and Lou Gossett, Jr. He knew I had a gift for writing, in fact the Neo character is created after him. Ali was a black superhero.

Jay – Are you a member of the Writer’s Guild?
Stewart -- I am with the Writers’ Guild right now.

Jay – You recently released your Matrix 4 book, how long did it take to complete it?
Stewart -- I wrote the script two years ago and the book has been out since November 30, 2012 and selling globally around the world.

Jay - How is that project progressing?
Stewart -- I am talking to investors from Switzerland, China, Russia and South Korea, and media companies  like Universal Studios, and Paramount; interested in making it into a movie. I have entertainment attorneys. It eclipses the first one. I wrote the carries on from one, the second coming of Christ. Neo is the One [Christ]. It’s just an anagram.

Jay – So, when can we expect the Matrix 4 movie to be out?
Stewart -- I can’t predict when the movie will be on the big screen but I do know it is coming and people can go head and buy the book to prepare for the movie. Before Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Lords of the Ring, people were reading the book. Fans from around the world are currently reading the book.

Jay – What awards and accolades have you garnered for your writing abilities?
Stewart -- Look at my bio and see my awards. I have 11 million Google fans around the world.

Jay – I see that the infamous Agents from the Matrix movie are now doing commercials?
Stewart -- I sent a Cease and Desist to GE for the agents featured in the commercial.

Jay – Wouldn’t it be much easier, less costly, and more honest if people would just contact you first?
Stewart -- I would license my work. The rich steal because they are greedy, and the poor steal because they are needy. They intended to steal my work and they did.

Jay – Are you familiar with Dr. Selma Burke and her ordeal with the Roosevelt dime?
Stewart -- I am not aware of her. It is not taught, just like kids are not taught about me in school. I own the Matrix and Terminator copyrights and trademarks.

Jay – I am more of a movie person, how can you convince me to first read the book?
Stewart -- I wouldn’t try and convince you to read my book before the movie other than to say that you would enjoy it because this is it. Better than Matrix one.

Jay – What would you like to say to our readers in closing?
Stewart -- Go to my website and get the book and see for yourself who wrote the Matrix and Terminator movies

End Part II

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