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Review Archive/July 2010

Updated October 11, 2010

Mr. G's Restaurant/Charlotte, NC
Off The Beaten Path But Worth it!

By Jay Whipple/Trend Magazine Online™ Click to Enlarge Mr. G's Restaurant Pic!

I discovered this place a little over five years ago while working a transfer job picking up folks at the Charlotte Douglass International Airport and dropping them off at the Signature Airport nearby. I was a bit envious in that these folks were being jetted from Charlotte to Pinehurst, NC (Famous for PGA Golf), just to attend a same day cook out. They were all prospects for purchasing one on the jets I might add.

Any how, I rarely make it back to this eatery because it is off the beaten path and unless you work at one of the airports or serve in the Air National Guard, you probably would not eat their often either. I did my usual and ordered a take out of their fish plate this time with sweet iced tea (A Carolina favorite). The service was okay but not as friendly as it could have been compared to other mom and pops. The restrooms were clean and the sanitation code was 98 out of 100.

My order was up in the typical time of around ten minutes. My plate came with three fairly good-sized perch, hushpuppies, and fries for a total of $7.74. The tea was good and the perch better as it was just crispy enough on the outside to not drown out the taste of the fish on the inside. The tarter sauce was the bomb and home made just like I prefer. As I mentioned earlier, I do not make it by this place very often, however, when I am in the area it is definitely on my repeat visit list. You just have to make sure that you request a receipt while placing your order.

Mr. G’s Restaurant is located at 5027 Morris Field Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28208, across from the Air National Guard and near the Charlotte Douglass International Airport in Southwest Charlotte. Their phone number is 704-399-2542. Tell them that Trend Magazine Online™ sent you!

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