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Review Archive/February 2011

Updated February 27, 2011

Angie's Diner /Charlotte, NC
Service With A Koolaid Smile !

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By Jay Whipple/Trend Magazine Online™

I found out about this place from a new business associate that recently moved to the Queen City from New York. I met him and his girlfriend when they took my Charlotte Black/African-American Heritage Toursm and Pilgrimage in 2009. He swore by this place and that was enough to motivate me to check it out for myself. The diner is located along the Northwest Corridor of Charlotte which is also known as the heart of the Black community. It sits off of Beatties Ford Road and just North of Interstate 85. The road was named in honor of John Beatty, one of the early Scottish-Irish white landowners and pioneers that settled in Charlotte in the 18th Century. The ford part of the name comes from the fact that the road use to dead end at the Catawba River to the North, and there was a low spot in the river for crossing -- known as a ford.

The building is pretty cool in that it was once one of those silver bullet trailers and when inside it kind of gives you that down home dining feeling like you get when you dine at Grandma’s. In fact, the customers inside reminded me of some of the interesting folks you come across at your Grandmother’s house – very theatrical. I was elated that this establishment was open on a Sunday because most in that area are closed due to the fact that it is considered the Lord’s day. Another source of elation came over me when I uncovered that there was real Kool-Aid on the menu; yep, red Kool-Aid which I had not had in years. I ordered turkey wings, mac and cheese, and cabbage, to accompany my red Kool-Aid.

My to-go order was up in about eight minutes, while waiting I did get a chance to check out the restroom which was quaint and clean. The restaurant’s sanitation code was 95.5, an A, which is what I like to see shortly after I enter an eatery. I started consuming my culinary delight while on the road and at stop lights. The meat on the turkey wings was so tender that it literally fell off the bone, the mac and cheese was to die for, and the cabbage tasted home-cooked like Grandma’s. This place is way out in Northeast Charlotte but well worth the trip out.

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