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Tango Grill, Bayside Marketplace, Miami, Fl.
Travel Review Spring 2019
Trend Magazine Online™

By Jay Whipple

Trend Magazine Online™

El Pollo (Chicken) Delight!
Re-published from a previous edition...
Tango Grill Review Pic

This eatery is located in the most-popular tourist destinations in South Florida called the Bayside Marketplace which opened to the public in 1987 and was built by the Rouse Company. Its founder, Mr. James W. Rouse, was an early pioneer of shopping malls and festival marketplaces to include the Jacksonville Landing, Boston’s Faneuil Hill, and Baltimore’s Harbor Place. It features over 140 shops to include the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, the Hard Rock Café’, and Lombardi’s Ristorante to name a few. It plays host to more than 12 million visitors annually at its peak and the merchants’ collectively account for over $100 million-dollars (U.S.) in annual revenue. Plans are currently under way to build a 1,000 foot observation tower on the site called SkyRise Miami. It will include three observation decks, a fine-dining eatery, a night club, a ballroom, a store, and three theme park-style rides.

Tango Grill Review Pic
I make it a point to stop by this place each time I am in town just to mingle with folks from all over the world who share a common passion for fun. It is for that reason that we decided to launch our first QCT Miami Daily City Tour™ from Bayside which is the start and end point of our 90-minute and 2 ½ -hour tours. In fact, we ended up at the Tango Grill after our recent inaugural tour on Saturday December 27, 2014. In fact, my mom (now deceased) had dined at the Tango Grill before during one of our family reunions and had nothing but praise for this eatery which specializes in Pollo (Chicken) -- my favorite meat.

I ordered the ¼ chicken dinner while she ordered the chicken salad which came with huge chunks of grilled-glazed honey chicken. I chose the yellow rice and fresh salad as my two sides. The cool thing about this place is that they allow you to sample the meat before you spend your hard-earned dollars. In fact, most of the food vendors on the 2nd level food court do the same which means that if you were industrial enough you could consume an entire meal by visiting each of them for samples. Smile! It did not take long for our meal to be plated because it was already cooked and the meat just needed to be grilled a little bit to get it nice and hot before digging into it. There was a slight language barrier with the server; however, the manager quickly stepped in to give us just exactly what we wanted from their menu.

It was not long before we had a found a table near the bay that gave us an outstanding view of the nearby cruise ships coming and going from the Port of Miami, as well as a supply train crossing the bridge from Biscayne Boulevard to Dodge Island where the port is located. Our total for two dinners came to $17.25 which averages just over $8.50 per person; not bad for dinner. My grilled chicken was prepared just right and was very tender on the inside with just enough grilling to make the skin crispy but not hard. The yellow rice was very fluffy and tasty with just enough seasoning and the salad was fresh, crisp, and complimented the chicken and rice just right. My mom again had no complaints about her meal and said that it was delicious. My only complaint, after the fact, is that I did not get the au ju sauce for the chicken and rice which means that I will need to pay closer attention on my next visit.

The Tango Grill is located in the food court on the 2nd level of the Bayside Marketplace at 401 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, Fl. 33132. Tell them that Trend Magazine Online™ sent you.

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