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Travel Review Fall 2020
McBonies Bar and Grill Charlotte NC

By Jay Whipple

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Best Wings Around!

Re-published from a previous edition...
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As the name suggests this establishment is a little different in terms of being a popular neighborhood night spot, sports bar, and restaurant. As such, I have dubbed it the Black Cheers because you never know who you are going to run into at this place and moreover, what conversation will ensue. I stumbled on this multi-purpose business one evening after completing a QCT Charlotte Daily City Toursm and on my way to Matthews to chat with a business acquaintance.

This bar and grill is located in an older section of east Charlotte that most newcomers do not know exist or do not frequent on the regular because it would be considered out of the way of their normal routines. I had the occasion to travel to a home in the neighborhood located behind this place -- off Monroe Road - and was quite surprised to find many older brick homes nestled away there in a quiet escape from the now hustle and bustle of the Queen City.

While inside, I found the atmosphere quite laid back and comfortable as the staff proved to be very cordial and friendly as well as the other patrons. The cool thing about this place is that if you get there early in the evening there is no cover charge and dress code; just like on Cheers. They have a juke box and wide screen TVs that are usually playing pro sports. Domestic beer is $2.00 while imported beer is $3.50, which I ordered for myself while awaiting my order of 10 chicken wings. You can get them hot or mild along with blue cheese or ranch dressing. On this particular trip there I had a date and we both ordered the 10 piece wings with one beer and the total came to $21.10. Outside of Hooter's these wings are hands down the best that I have experienced in Charlotte as they are marinated to perfection and seasoned just right. I sometimes down them there and other times order a take out.

If you hang around long enough, you can join the party later that night as the bar transcends into a night club that is jumping with party-goers and wanna be Soul Train dancers. It comes complete with a second floor and patio for outdoor partying as well. The time that I stayed, the music was a mix of old and new school which is cool to break the monotony. All and all this is a fun and exciting place to stop through or hang out just about any night of the week whether dressed to impress or casual. And once again, no cover charge if you get there early.

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