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Travel Review Spring 2024
Ship 2 Shore Seafood
Jacksonville Florida
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By Jay Whipple

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Great Grouper!

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◊Embarking on a culinary detour en route to the EPCOT International Food Festival in Orlando, Florida, my quest for a memorable dining experience led me to Ship 2 Shore Seafood & Steaks, strategically located off Dunn Avenue in Jacksonville, Florida. With plans originally set on a different dining venue, the unforeseen closure of my intended destination prompted a change in course. My journey's unexpected twist came courtesy of my GPS, which ceased its guidance mid-route, directing my attention to what I initially mistook for the closed establishment. Yet, fate had a different plan, guiding me to the inviting doors of Ship 2 Shore, a treasure tucked away in the back of a bustling shopping plaza.

MLK Restaurant Miami Florida 2024 Review Pic!
◊Upon arrival at approximately 4:25 PM, the restaurant's exterior, unassuming yet welcoming, hinted at the traditional seafood dining experience that awaited within. The convenience of its location, complemented by an abundance of parking, immediately alleviated any travel-induced stress. The interior ambiance of Ship 2 Shore transported me to a realm reminiscent of classic American seafood establishments, where the charm of older decor, combined with the practicality of cafeteria-style tables and chairs, set the stage for a promising meal. A well-stocked bar and strategically placed flat-screen TVs added a modern touch to the otherwise nostalgic atmosphere.

◊The warmth of the welcome I received upon entry mirrored the genuine hospitality synonymous with renowned dining establishments. The immediate acknowledgment by the friendly staff, coupled with the pristine condition of both the lobby and men's room, underscored Ship 2 Shore's commitment to cleanliness and customer service. A glance at the menu revealed a diverse selection of seafood delights, although the absence of snapper was a surprising twist. Nevertheless, the variety of available dishes promised a satisfying culinary journey.

◊Opting for the small grouper plate, accompanied by a baked potato and broccoli-with the indulgent addition of cheese at no extra cost-set the stage for what was to be a delightful dining experience. The restaurant's gesture of offering a 10% military discount further impressed upon me the establishment's values and respect for service members. Remarkably, my order was ready in just over five minutes, a testament to the kitchen's efficiency and the staff's dedication to providing swift service, especially notable given the sparse crowd before the dinner rush.

◊The grouper itself was a revelation, broiled to perfection, achieving a flawless balance between moist and firm. Its aroma hinted at the lemony garlic seasoning, which, upon tasting, unfolded layers of flavor complemented by the uniquely delicious homemade tartar sauce. This sauce, creamy yet not overpowering, with just the right amount of relish, elevated the fish to new heights. The broccoli, steamed to an acceptable tenderness, gained an extra dimension of taste from the cheese, while the baked potato, though slightly undercooked, benefited greatly from an added dollop of sour cream.

◊While the hush puppies were somewhat overdone, their presence on the plate was a nod to the authentic seafood dining experience, adding a rustic charm to the meal. Each element of the dish, from the expertly prepared grouper to the slightly crunchy broccoli, contributed to a symphony of flavors that was both comforting and satisfying. This meal not only filled the stomach but also warmed the heart, encapsulating the essence of traditional seafood cuisine with a touch of home-cooked goodness.

◊Reflecting on my unexpected visit to Ship 2 Shore Seafood & Steaks, what initially appeared as a minor inconvenience turned into a culinary discovery, highlighting the joy of exploring local eateries off the beaten path. The restaurant's blend of warm hospitality, rapid service, and delectable seafood offerings left an indelible mark on my palate, compelling me to return. It stands as a beacon for those in search of genuine flavors and heartfelt service, a testament to the enduring allure of American seafood tradition.

Ship 2 Shore Seafood & Steaks is more than just a restaurant; it's a destination for those who cherish the simple pleasure of a well-cooked meal in a welcoming atmosphere. Located at 1403 Dunn Ave #21, Jacksonville, FL 32218, within the J White Business Center, it's a must-visit for locals and travelers alike. To experience this delightful dining haven for yourself, call 904-513-4624 or visit https://ship2shoreseafood.com. Here, every guest is treated to a taste of the sea's bounty, served with a side of Southern hospitality. Tell them that Trend Magazine Onlinesm sent you!

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