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Welcome to our online Black business and organization directory which is basically a digital version of our earlier print publications that date back to 1991 and listed enterprises alphabetically by category.

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This system allowed it's users to quickly find the goods and services that they were in need of followed by a list of providers in alphabetical order. As a result, certain savvy business owners began to begin their trade name with the letter A or numbers like A Locksmith Company, A-1 Locksmith Company, AAA Locksmith Company, or even ACME Locksmith Company to receive prime placement.
We decided to replicate this traditional format as opposed to the new APP configuration for a number of reasons:
1. It does not require a download and annoying updates,
2. It does not zap the precious memory on your mobile device,
3. You get to see and choose from multiple businesses on the same screen, and
4. You can access it at anytime from any mobile device, PC, or MAC, without a cumbersome APP!
Also, you can "quickly" perform non-local searches by using our Online Only Directory or simply typing in your request into our Google Search Box at the top of each page!
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Jay Whipple

How to Locate Your Enterprise:

  • ◊ We use a sophisticated system of links to replicate the experience of a physical business directory.
  • ◊ Just Click On a Link and Wait A Second to be directed to your selected country, state/province/department/region, etc..., city, and category.
  • ◊ Then browse to your choice enterprise and Click On Their Link to see what's happening on their web or social media page!
  • ◊ If you don't find what you are looking for there just click back on the previous page from your browser tab as the new page will open on a Separate New Tab.
  • ◊ Use the links at the bottom of each category to navigate Back to the Previous Page for a different category, or Metropolitan Area, State, or Country.
  • Use Our Directory Often to become a PRO at our sophisticated navigation system and you will see that it is far superior to other prehistoric App or Social Media based directories that may be suspended or inactivated at Any Time!
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Continuous use of our directory will Empower You to Empower Others to Empower Our Communities to once again achieve Economic Empowerment!
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