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The areas known today as North and South Carolina were once part of southern Virginia which was the namesake of all of the original 13 colonies before the United States was officially formed in 1776. Carolina was formed from southern Virginia after it was spilt in 1606 and is named in honor of King Charles IX (1550 - 1574) who ruled France beginning in 1560. The split was the result of economic disparities between the northern more aristocratic and educated sector versus the southern. The name remained intact to honor King Charles I (1600 - 1649) and King Charles II (1630 - 1685) both of England. Carolina is derived from the Latin word Carolus which translates to Charles in English.

Carolina was spilt into two distinct colonies in 1712 largely because of the same economic and aristocratic disparities that caused the Virginia spilt over a Century earlier. This time the southern portion was the seat of economic power with the city of Charleston leading the way. At one point in time eight men owned the Carolinas. They were known as the Eight Lord's Proprietors: Edward Earl of Clarendon, George Duke of Albemarle, William Lord Craven, John Lord Berkley, Anthony Lord Ashley, Sir George Carteret, Sir William Berkley, and Sir John Colleton. They owned the two colonies from 1663 until 1729 when they officially became North and South Carolina.

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