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Cottin Pickin Farm Toursm 2021
Travel Article Summer 2021
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QCT Cottin Pickin Farm Tour Pic!
No need ta get duded all up fer dis one cause u gone git down rite durty, stinky, and smellie doin wat yer should be doin n e way! This hear tour gone take u ta area farms fer a day of fruit and/or vegetable pickin. On the real though, when was the last time you spent a day doing what your ancestors had to do to survive and put food on the table? We have gotten so into the habit of making our weekly trips to the grocery store that we have completely forgotten what it really took to bring all those amenities under one roof.

Hats off to our area farmers who have not forgotten what it takes to nurse a strawberry, blackberry, or tomato from a seed to a full grown vine of one of God's best creations -- fruits and vegetables. Not far behind the experience and satisfaction of raising those wonders of nature is the labor of picking them with your own hands. Somehow, they taste a whole lot better than picking them up on aisle 9 at the local grocery store.

Well, if you want to get back to doing it the old fashioned way and experience a higher sense of gratitude for your labor then you want to join us for a day of fresh fruit and/or vegetable picking at area farms. So pay attention to the advertisement below and we hope to see you there!

Spend a day picking fresh fruits and vegetables from area farms!
This Memorable Tour Includes:
Round Trip Transportation
Dutch Treat Fruit and Vegetable Pickin
Dutch Treat Lunch
$5 OFF per Person by June 30th or for Groups of 10 or More!
Recruit 9 Guests and Travel for FREE!!!

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