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Travel Article Fall 2023
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Oktoberfest Munich Germany 2023 Pic

It is that time of the year again when some of us reluctantly have to say goodbye to warm summer nights, trips toOktoberfest Munich Germany 2023 Pic the beach, family reunions, cook outs, and road trips. It is, however, time to begin to buckle down for what may or not be a long and frosty winter filled with ski trips, snow men, icy roads, and cancellations. Some, however, choose to head overseas to the olde country for the fall's most enduring and most popular festival - Oktoberfest - to usher in Jack Frost with a Bavarian keg, bratwurst, and lots of umm papa.

Oktoberfest Munich Germany 2023 PicThis annual German festival traditionally starts the third weekend in September and ends the first Sunday in October. Oktoberfest began with the royal wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig (Later King Ludwig) on October 12, 1810, to Princess Therese of Saxony- Hildburghausen. All citizens of Munich, Germany, were invited to attend the festivities surrounding the royal wedding on the fields in front of the city's gates. As a result, those fields were renamed Theresienwiese ("Theres'a Fields") in honor of the Crown Princess. Today the locals have shortened/abbreviated the same to "Wiesn". The traditional horse races to end the festival came about in its early years as the royal Bavarian family and town were treated to them to close the event. The first Agricultural Show took place the next year, in 1811, and was designed to boost the agricultural industry in Bavaria.

Oktoberfest Munich Germany 2023 Pic

Although the horse races were once the most popular (And oldest) event of Oktoberfest, they are no longer held these days. The Agricultural Shows, however, still occur every three years on the southern part of the festival grounds. Choices of amusements were limited until 1818 when the first carousel and two swings were added. Small beer stands, which grew rapidly in numbers, allowed visitors to quench their thirst until 1896 when they were replaced by beer tents and halls set up by entrepreneurial landlords with backing from the local breweries. The balance of the festival's site was occupied by a fun fair. The 1870's saw the range of carousels offered increase rapidly as the fairgrounds trade continued to expand and develop in Germany.

Oktoberfest Munich Germany 2023 Pic Oktoberfest today in Munich, Germany (Home of the 1972 Summer Olympics), is the largest festival in the world, with a characteristic 20th century international mix. Visitors of all ages can enjoy the excitement and spectacle of carousels, and roller coasters at the foot of the Bavaria Statue and adjacent to the expansive festival grounds. To boot they are treated to a program of events which includes the Grand Entry of the Oktoberfest Landlords and Breweries, Costume and Rifleman's Procession, and a concert including all the brass bands representing the "Wiesn." You will also have a chance to sample some of the best beers around the world,purchase unique Oktoberfest souvenirs (Including beer mugs), and check out the giant Ferris wheel which dominates the western fairgrounds. In its 200+ year history, this annual beer festival has only been interrupted briefly by wars and the cholera epidemics.

Oktoberfest Munich Germany 2023 Pic I plan to attend this festival one year and have placed it on my bucket list as I have heard many great things about it from guests on my QCT Charlotte Daily City Tour™ by Queen City Tours™ and Travel. If you plan to attend Oktoberfest it is not recommended that you travel by car. Munich's excellent public transportation (MVV) is highly advisable which includes subway trains and buses; or you can use the S-Bahn train network for weekend night transport. You also have your choice of a taxi company that makes you feel most comfortable. In terms of technology, you can access a FREE Munich City Guide online or app for iPhone and Android. The 187th 2023 festival will take place from Saturday September 17, 2023, to Monday October 3, 2023, visit the official Oktoberfest site to find out additional information on events, shopping, the official mug presentation, programme, tents, what you need to know; rides, transportation, costumes, parades, and concerts.

Oktoberfest Munich Germany 2023 Pic Your trip to Munich, Germany, including hotel, can be arranged by utilizing our FREE online portal to search for the lowest rates year round.

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