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Interviews Archive/September 2011

Updated September 30, 2011

B & B A Casa Di Violeta, Florence, Italy
Olde World Charm!

Click to Enlarge B & B Pic!By Jay Whipple/Trend Magazine Online™

I found out about this neat B & B (Bed and Breakfast) via our Facebook page a few months ago and decided then to attempt to contact the owner via email for an interview. I personally have never stayed at a B & B but have visited several in Charlotte, NC, during the course of conducting Charlotte’s Longest-Running Daily City Tour by Queen City Tours and Travel. My favorite is Ms. Elsie’s B & B -- located in east Charlotte, NC -- which features a Caribbean theme. In fact, I Click to Enlarge B & B A Casa Di Violeta Pic!have picked up several guests from there for a tour. I do not know if I will get a chance to visit B&B A Casa di Violeta (The House of Violeta) in Italy but you never know. Be that it may, I was elated to get a quick response from the owner – Violeta Grecu -- and even more elated to learn that she speaks, writes, and understands English.

Her cozy four bedroom B & B is located in a mansion built way backClick to Enlarge B & B A Casa Di Violeta Pic! in 1850 and renovated in 2010. It is 10 KM from Firenze in Tuscany/Florence which arguably houses the world’s greatest repository of art to include extraordinary paintings and sculpture to frescoes and architectural masterpieces. The areaClick to Enlarge B & B A Casa Di Violeta Pic!is also well known for its wines, extraordinary countryside, mountain paths, sea coast and islands, and of course the beautiful Italian languages and culture.

Here is what Violeta had to say about her property.

Jay -- Do you own the property?
Violeta -- “Yes I own the property.”

Jay – If yes, how long have you owned the property?
Violeta -- “I have owned it now for 19 years.”

Jay -- Did you purchase the property from someone else?
Violeta – “Yes.”

Jay -- If yes, who?
Violeta -- “It was my husband’s property.”

Jay -- What country do most of your guests come from?
Violeta -- “I have guests from everywhere like France, Spain, Canada, and America.”

Jay -- What was your inspiration in going into this type of business?
Violeta -- “I wanted to share this corner of paradise with others.”

Jay -- Are you a first generation entrepreneur?
Violeta -- “Yes, I am a first-generation entrepreneur.”

Jay -- What is your educational background?
Violeta -- “I finished high school.”

Jay -- Where are you from?
Violeta -- “I am from Romania.” [Home of gold-medal Olympic gymnast (1976, 1980) Nadia Comanci]

Jay -- Are any family members helping you out?
Violeta -- “Yes.”

Jay -- If yes, which ones; e.g. brother, sister, etc...
Violeta -- “My sons are helping me.”

Jay -- What do you like the most about your job?
Violeta -- “I like that I live in the middle of nature and that I meet people from around the world.”

Jay -- What do you like the least about your job?
Violeta – “I like everything about my job because it gives me satisfaction.”

Jay -- How many employees/staff do you have?
Violeta -- “I do not have any employees, however, my sons help me out.”

Jay -- What type of birds/animals can a guest see nearby?
Violeta -- “They will find domestic animals like horses, goats, chickens, and rabbits; and wild animals like deer, squirrels, boars, porcupines, and others...”

Jay -- What is your main selling point in convincing guests to stay on your property versus others nearby?
Violeta -- “Quality, reasonable prices, and testimonials from other satisfied guests from my services.”

Jay -- What is your native language and how many others do you speak?
Violeta -- “My native language is Romanian and I also speak Italian, understand French, and English with help from my sons.”

Jay -- What is your website address?
Violeta -- “My website is under construction but you can reach me for now here.”

Jay -- What is your age?
Violeta -- “I am 42 years old.”

Jay -- How do most people find you?
Violeta -- “They can find me from Homelidays, other ads, and other agencies.”

Jay -- What items come with a picnic?
Violeta -- “I do not understand the question but I think for a picnic it needs the blanket and picnic basket.” [Further investigation required by the consumer]

Jay -- What is the best time of year to visit?
Violeta -- “All year because Florence, Italy, is superb on every season. Kind regards from Violeta B&B A Casa di Violeta.”

Note: All photos courtesy of B & B A Casa Di Violeta

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