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May 18, 2020

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Winter 2020 Travel Newsletter

Winter 2020
-- QCT Miami Daily Black Heritage Toursm and QCT Holiday Trips™ 2019 Travel Article
-- Skip Fortier TAE Avoya Travel Alexandria VA CLIA and Santa Claus Christmas Tree Trivia Holiday and Gwiin Correa MCC Memorable Moments Travel Monrovia CA CLIA Travel Interviews
-- Antigua & Barbuda and Eger Hungary and Northumberland United Kingdom International Travel News
-- High-Speed Rail to Disney Orlando and Multi-Mountain U.S. Ski Passes and Williamsburg Virginia National Travel News
-- Ft. Lauderdale's First Axe Throwing Lodge and QCT Miami Daily City Tour and Don Pedro Island Florida Regional Travel News
-- Miami Book Fair 2019 Part II and Miami Book Fair 2019 and Eloise and Earnestine Soul Food Restaurant Travel Reviews
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Spring 2020 Travel Newsletter

Spring 2020
-- QCT Miami In Maysm 2020 Trip and QCT Miami Daily Black Heritage Toursm Travel Articles
-- Joyce Hosier Independent Travel Agent and Leneiva Head Independent Travel Agent and Deborah Fogarty Be Well Travel LLC Travel Interviews
-- 2020 Olympics Postponed due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and Coronavirus [COVID-19] Travel Update China and Coronavirus China International Travel News
-- Reasons to not Cancel Domestic U.S. Flights Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and Devil's Thumb Ranch Spa Colorado and Visiting New York City National Travel News
-- COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Travel Updates and Family Vacation Ideas Florida Keys and Dry Tortugas National Park Florida Regional Travel News
-- Blue Spring State Park Central Florida and Miami Art Show 2019 Part II and Miami Art Show 2019 Part I Travel Reviews
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Summer 2020 Travel Newsletter

Summer 2020
-- QCT Fall Trips 2020 and QCT A Day In Charleston SC Tripsm 2020 Travel Articles
-- Mr. Cooley High Actor Glyn Turman Travel Interview
-- Steep Discounts to Tourist in Bali Indonesia due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus International Travel News
-- Tour Yosemite During Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic National Travel News
-- ACC Tournament to return to Greensboro in 2023 Regional Travel News
-- Charleston, SC Travel Review
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Fall 2020 Travel Newsletter

Fall 2020
-- Future Travel Article
-- Future Travel Interview
-- Future International Travel News
-- Future National Travel News
-- Future Regional Travel News
-- Future Travel Review
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