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Review Archive/May 2011

Updated April 10, 2013

Natty Greene's Restaurant & Pub/Greensboro, NC
Very Attentive Staff!

Click to Enlarge Natty Greene's Pic!By Jay Whipple/Trend Magazine Online™

I came across this eatery while conducting our annual Greensboro Slavery to Civil Rights Toursm – by Queen City Tours® and Travel – in May of 2010. This was our first trip to Greensboro,NC, and we had a great time touring the International Civil Rights Museum – downtown – taking a Black History Tour, and making a stop at the Mendenhall Plantation in a neighboring city.

I was quite surprised to see a double-sided Coca-Cola machine at the museum which had a side for “whites only” and a side for “colored only.” A Coca-Cola product on the white side sold for 5 cents while the same product on the colored side sold for 9 and 10 cents – yikes! How stupid was that? To their credit, Coca-Cola does support a lot of causes targeting the minority community today; a way of paying back that extra 5 cents that people of color were charged during the period of “stupidity” in the southern United States. On the flip side, the Mendenhall Plantation displays an old wagon that was used as part of the Underground Railroad. This wagon came complete with a false bottom where up to a dozen Slaves would stow away to escape to freedom. I guess that claustrophobia was not a problem back then or it was but the notion of freedom far outweighed any phobia.

Back to the matter at hand, Natty Greene’s is located on the south side of downtown Greensboro and within walking distance of the International Civil Rights Museum. Their restrooms were clean and I took a neat window seat with a great view of part of downtown. The maître de and server were very friendly, cordial, and attentive. In fact, my server was so attentive that he came from clear across the dining room to help me clean up after spilling my water. I really appreciated that because I was quite embarrassed.

I ordered the Carolina Burger with cold slaw and BBQ sauce, which came with a kosher pickle and Pesto Pasta Salad on the side. The burger provided a unique combination of sweet and sour sensations to my taste buds, the kosher pickle was nice and cold and crunchy, and the pesto salad was a little dry but okay. My total came to $14.65 20% tip included. The restaurant was bustling with activity which made it a great choice for people watching which I thoroughly enjoy. There were three dudes sitting at the table next to me that looked like they worked for a local TV station because they were going over some footage on a very expensive piece of AV equipment.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed dining at Natty Greene’s in downtown Greensboro and suspect that you will as well!

Natty Greene’s Restaurant & Pub is located at 345 S. Elm Street, Greensboro, NC, 27401. Their phone number is 336-274-1373 and web site address is Tell them that Trend Magazine Online™ sent you!

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