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Wet N' Wild Emerald Pointe NC Water Park
Part II of II
Travel Review Summer 2019

By Jay Whipple

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A Kid's Paradisecont'd.!

Re-published from a previous edition...
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Emerald Pointe NC Review Pic! There were relatively moderate to long lines at each of the water rides with the most popular ones having the longest. It did not take me long to abandon my plans to partake in some of the rides as the park was heavily populated with mostly school-aged children and some parents/chaperones. Well, I was not either of the two so in an effort to save face, I decided to assume the spectator role to avoid being labeled just plain old weird.

I did manage to make it over to a very nice pit stop that included sort of an indoor cabana-style restaurant that served pizza, soft drinks, and yes – beer. I was quite surprised to see the sign that read “No alcoholic beverages beyond this point.” It was indeed nice to see that they had the grownups in mind too; especially those that had to chase – or keep up with – their young ones as the scampered from one ride to the next.

Emerald Pointe NC Review Pic!
They also included an electrical socket for me to recharge my mobile phone while engaging in one of my favorite spectator sports – people watching. I always try and guess a little bit of something about the people that I watch like, where are they from, what do they do for a living, and what were they thinking when they left the house looking like that? Smile! Everyone that I watched appeared to be having a great time at the park; grow ups included.

Emerald Pointe NC Review Pic!
I was quite pleased to learn the mystery surrounding the -- what I call -- metallic humps to nowhere that can be seen from the highway miles away. One of the very nice park manager ladies explained that those humps used to be part of a ride that included a swing that would raise folks up to the top and then travel from one hump to the next. I think I remember seeing that ride in action in one of my dreams; or was it real? Just rambling. I had high hopes of sampling their turkey legs but was not willing to fork over $10 for what appeared to be the same ones that I could by at the grocery store for less than $5 for two of them. I expected them to be of the King Henry VIII variety. You know the kind that could be used as a lethal weapon if necessary? I just had to pick at the young woman staffing that booth by asking if people were buying those way over-priced turkey legs.

Emerald Pointe NC Review Pic!She hesitated before saying yes; not realizing that I had been watching her for nearly 30 minutes and none had sold. I guess she thought that I was an undercover boss? As with most theme parks, the food is rather pricey at Emerald Pointe, and don’t even think about bringing your own because it is simply not allowed.

Emerald Pointe NC Review Pic!Remember, this is a business folks. If you plan to dine while in the park it is best to purchase that option with your admission ticket. I think it’s something like $7 extra -- which seems like a lot at first until you browse the meal prices throughout the park. I also did not like the fact that there were very few games on site as I am an avid gamer who prefers games that require some type of skill set like shooting, and my favorite “Wack A Mole” game. On the flip side, it was nice to find out that those neat inner tubes I saw a lot of folks carrying around were actually provided by the water park for free. Well, free as in the price is probably included in your admission as nothing in this life is really free.

Emerald Pointe NC Review Pic!All in all it was a pretty fun sort of half day at Wet N Wild Emerald Pointe in Greensboro, NC; even though I did not partake in any of the water rides -- due to a shear fear of making a public fool of myself. Next time I will perhaps rent-a-kid for the day and have just as much fun as all those that I observed. I left the water park at about 1:20 PM; just 30 minutes shy of my 3-hour projected limit. There were folks still streaming in and the small parking lot was nearly full. I decided to stop at a convenience store with a deli – just outside the water park -- and order some chow at a much more reasonable price. I also had the choice of K & W Cafeteria, Arby’s, or a Burger King Restaurant before hitting the road back home. By the way, if you need to go south on I-85 Business, do not go right as the signage suggests because that takes you to the regular I-85.

Emerald Pointe NC Review Pic!Emerald Pointe NC Review Pic!Wet N’ Wild Emerald Pointe is located at 3910 S. Holden Rd., in Greensboro, NC. Their web site is, and phone number is 336-852-9721.

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