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Miami Book Fair 2019
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By Jay Whipple

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I actually had plans of being one of the many book exhibitors at this year's Miami Book Fair; however, 1. I have yet to complete the final book/edition of my trilogy Charlotte From A Tour Guide's Perspective, More Charlotte From A Tour Guide's Perspective, and Black Charlotte From A Tour Guide's Perspective (incomplete), and 2. Even if the trilogy was complete I did not have the financial resources to put on a great display as I witnessed first-hand at this year's event. So, I decided to do the next best thing and cover the fair for Trend Magazine Onlinetm to 1. Gain insight on what to expect as an exhibitor, and 2. Help promote other writers' and their precious works.

Miami Book Fair 2019 Travel Article Pic
I entered the fair walking up from the south off North East 3rd Avenue Downtown Miami after testing the walking version of our QCT Miami Daily City Toursm app that provides a free city tour. Good news, it works! You should try it on your Android, iPhone, Tablet, and/or desktop especially if you plan to be in town for Super Bowl LIV in February 2020. Anyway, the first sign that I had reached the exhibit area was the food court plus farmer's market. I had lunch not too long before that I so decided to pass on that stop. One cool thing about Miami is the plethora of eclectic cuisines from all over the world and especially South America and the Caribbean and the seafood is da bomb! I prefer hanging out at Bayside because they have quite a few eateries within walking distance on two levels that are covered for the most of the marketplace. Bayside is also where our QCT Miami Daily City Toursm originates.

Miami Book Fair 2019 Travel Article Pic
Right off the bat I was immersed in two rows of tents each containing an author or publisher whose purpose was to introduce us and the world to their intellectual property. I immediately began to think about Ray Bradbury's 1953 novel of great suffering and injustice entitled Fahrenheit 451 whereas the plot surrounds the burning of any place that contained books. Well, I thought, they would need the assistance of many fire departments to censor the more than 500 authors and publishers on display at this year's fair. The Miami Book Fair is also proof that the digital media has not overcome or overwhelmed books in 2D that contain real pages to turn between two covers. There is something really special about picking up a real book and delving into the world that it takes you to or through. On that note I encountered my first author Byron Conner, MD, at the Oasis Bookstore & Kaffee tent who was gracious enough to provide me with a signed copy of his book The Face of Hunger along with a neat bookmark.

Miami Book Fair 2019 Travel Article Pic
The subtitle of Dr. Conner's non-fiction book is Reflections on a Famine in Ethiopia (1983 - 1985) which chronicles his and his family's missionary trip to that country from 1984 to 1987 after watching the crisis on television. The 136-page paperback contains ten chapters and is published by ReadersMagnet, LLC, of San Diego, CA. I cannot wait for the movie adaptation! Conner was born in Denver, CO, is the oldest of 11 children, joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church at age nine, earned his medical degree from Loma Linda University School of Medicine from 1976-1979, and is a U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran. The next tent that caught my attention was the Women in Islam/Miami-Dade College. I stopped because of all the news that I have come across on the Internet regarding women's rights in the Middle East to include learning how to drive - something some of us spoiled Americans take for granted as a right but is actually by law a privilege. Ever had your driver's license taken? The organization is located in nearby Hallandale Beach, FL., and their motto is "Love for All, Hatred for None." I studied the Muslim religion and the Quran in college and a lot of folks get it wrong. Reading is fundamental!

Miami Book Fair 2019 Travel Article Pic
I was drawn to my next tent by a strong sense of, ummmmm, food; almonds in particular. Yep, these authors did their homework and delivered the goods. There is something about food and money that captures the eyes of most human beings around the globe. It turns out that the co-authors of Holocaust's Child, Amy and WR Blocher, were also husband and wife. In addition, he is also a Veteran of the Navy or Air Force - cannot remember which branch. I support Veterans whenever, and however I can because their commitment to service is like no other in this country whereas you are on duty 24/7/365 until you are officially released by Uncle Sam; as I was in 2001. Their book is a tale of "Ten Stories of Children Who Survived" one of the most inhumane examples of man's/woman's inhumanity to mankind/womankind along with the institution of Slavery around the world.

Miami Book Fair 2019 Travel Article Pic
The next eye-catcher for me was the Children's Alley which I consider the most important simply because this is a chance to influence and steer our future generations into avoiding the premise of Bradbury's book Fahrenheit 451 -- mentioned earlier. Young people are being exposed to computers at such a young age today that by the time they are in high school they are more computer savvy than a computer science major that graduated say in the 1990's or earlier. I earned a degree in electronics engineering technology back in the 1980's and can recall predicting most of the technology that is available today. Unfortunately, certain technologies are forcing our young ones into becoming more and more reliant on non-physical activities that once required physical interaction. For example, you push a button or swipe today and something happens as opposed to yesterday when you had to apply physical force to achieve the same action like rolling down a car window or opening a door. The result is a physically weaker individual. As such, I now go out of my way to avoid certain technologies like the electric pencil sharpener in favor of one that requires me to apply force to the rotating handle; and physically blending my ingredients with a spoon as opposed to using an electric blender or food processor.

Miami Book Fair 2019 Travel Article Pic
These next authors grabbed my attention simply because they were scurrying along packing up their tent like The White Rabbit character at the beginning of Lewis Carroll's novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland uttering the now famous line "Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!" One of the authors was Yvette L. Forbes whose book Testimonies: Issues of Life is about "Twenty one Biblical women [who] share their stories, from Eve to Mary. They encourage us that in Him is hope. No matter what life brings He is the antidote." She was very patient and stopped scurrying several times while I tried to figure out how to switch from camera to video on my new Samsung phone. Her patience has paid off and is a virtue ((2 Peter 1:5-7 King James Version (KJV)) as Ms. Forbes and her book are now covered in my story and you should buy a copy at your earliest convenience as a blessing.

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I had to stop at this next tent because the young lady sitting there appeared to be just a kid. At first I did in fact think that she was working the display for an older adult but as faith would have it she was indeed the author who, like Dr. Conner, was gracious enough to furnish me with a signed copy and a really neat bookmark. She lost a few cool points because she refused to add Trend Magazine Onlinetm to her note but hopefully she will make that adjustment the next time another publication offers to promote her book. Her name is Emma Porter and this kid is only 22 years old and already has her first book published. Her fictional 201-page paperback book (also available in hardcover and eBook formats) The Fairy King is "A whirlwind tale of betrayal, adventure, romance, desperation, and the journey to find what defines oneself." Emma traveled all the way down from Winnipeg Canada (born in Toronto) to present her work at the Miami Book Fair.

Miami Book Fair 2019 Travel Article Pic
This next stop was one of my favorites because of the tropical colors and colorful publisher that showed up as I was leaving. The Caribbean Today news magazine is celebrating three decades in business and their tent was laced with the vibrant colors that suggest a very sunny and optimistic outlook. I was happy to see that they included an update (October 2019 edition, page 20) on the devastating Hurricane Dorian that ravished the tropical islands becoming a Category 5 with 185 mph winds on Sunday September 1, 2019, leaving death and destruction in its wake. According to the article the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is now chipping in with a special Bahamas Health Relief Fund. Just as I was leaving their tent their very colorful Publisher Mr. Peter A. Webley stopped me and we engaged in a very insightful conversation of our ancestors' contribution to what today is known as Miami-Dade County and the Coconut Grove area in particular. I will be sure to follow up with him and hopefully something productive will develop from that brief meeting.

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