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Travel Review Summer 2022
Ghengis Grill Matthews NC
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By Jay Whipple

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Great Idea!

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I learned of this eatery from the same gentleman that dined with me on this visit, Mr. Harvey Boyd, whose claim to fame is the creator of the official seal of Mecklenburg County North Carolina in 1964. He is from Matthews and has family ties dating back to the early 1900's where his grandfather was the founder of one of the local churches and his late father retired from the local railroad which is how the town got its name. I enjoyed our first experience here several years ago such much so that I decided to return, somewhat post Coronavirus Pandemic, for the purpose of writing this review and of course hopefully enjoying another great dining experience.

Ghengis Grill Matthews NC Review Pic!
We arrived at approximately 1:30 PM and were happily greeted and seated immediately with our nice server arriving shortly thereafter to take our order. The dining area was very clean and decorated with wooden tables in padded booths, contemporary interior designs with similar artwork consisting of items on the menu which I think is a pretty cool way of promoting their offerings as opposed to some other person or thing. The men's room was relatively clean, but I failed to note their sanitation score which is supposed to be in a conspicuous location.

Ghengis Grill Matthews NC Review Pic!Harvey and I both ordered the medium bowls which were the same price as the small bowl at $11.99, which I consider on the fringe of pricey. I ordered brown and fried rice with egg as the base, and he ordered double brown rice with white fish only as his topping. I selected a variety of meats, vegetables, and spices from the buffet-style selection bar. These choices are the main reason that I decided to return to this eatery as most similar restaurants do not allow so many options for your palette on that particular visit.

Ghengis Grill Matthews NC Review Pic!My meal was up in about 5 minutes and Harvey's in another 5 minutes. I was very pleased with the preparation, presentation, and taste of my meal as it looked, smelled, and tasted delicious. The roasted garlic sauce that I chose was a bit too spicy at first but slowly lost that spiciness as my taste buds adjusted. I liked the option of having the sauce on my meal or using a dipping bowl on the side. Harvey chose the teriyaki sauce then switch to a side bowl of roasted garlic. He stated that his meal was okay. Our total came to $26.77 without the tip.

Ghengis Grill Matthews NC Review Pic!The young wait staff were nice but a bit overly attentive as they came around too often to check on us which is not advisable as it disturbs a good meal and conversation. Checking a few minutes after the meal has been served and once or no more than twice during the meal is typically sufficient and proper etiquette. I am writing from the perspective of having been employed as a server and completing a few courses in proper etiquette dating back to the late 1970's in various full-service sit-down eateries from mid-range to high priced offerings.

Ghengis Grill Matthews NC Review Pic!More customers began to trickle in after we were seated and began dining which suggests that business was back to normal after two years of restrictions dictated by one of the worst worldwide pandemics in modern-day history that left in its wake a host of mom and pops that could not survive the economic fallout. It is for that reason that I was ecstatic to learn that this place was still in operation although I have since learned that it is part of a nationwide chain of over 50 locations which explains how it was able to weather the storm. I look forward to my next visit.

Ghengis Grill Matthews NC Review Pic!The Ghengis Grill/Windsor Square is located at 9727 E Independence Blvd., Matthews, NC 28105, their phone number is 704-444-0068, and website is https://locations.genghisgrill.com/nc/matthews/genghis-grill-2603.html. Tell them that Trend Magazine Onlinetm sent you!

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