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Travel Review Spring 2023
MLK (My Little Kitchen) Restaurant Miami Florida
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By Jay Whipple

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Re-published from a previous edition with Updates...

MLK Restaurant Miami Florida 2023 Review Pic!

MLK Restaurant Miami Florida 2023 Review Pic!
This eatery used to be located off Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in Northwest Miami Florida (Liberty City). That now historic street was officially co-named in honor of the Civil Rights Hero -- along Northwest 62nd Street -- on Saturday November 27, 1982, during a ceremony that included a ″walk of remembrance″ led by Martin Luther King III. The walk ended at the park also named in honor of Dr. King at the corner of NW 32nd Avenue and 62nd Street. A month before the dedication, in mid October 1982, a demand was made by the committee in charge of the widening and beautification of NW 62nd Street to add King ′s title ″Dr.″ to the street signs. One of those members was Civic Activist Ms. M. Athalie Range (1915 - 2006) of Range Funeral Home. Unlike some cities around our country (like Charlotte, NC) this street is long enough (NW 7th Ave. to NW 37th Ave.) to reflect on Dr. King ′s life and times, and wide enough to be considered a boulevard. There is also a Metrorail station located just one block north along NW 27th Avenue.

I stumbled upon the MLK (My Little Kitchen) Restaurant after being dropped off from a work assignment on Miami Beach. The sign mentioned something about home-cooked meals and that was enough to peak my interest in planning a visit. My first attempt was not successful because I showed up just after 1 PM and they were closed. I thought it was pretty strange, however, decided to plan a second visit during their working hours. It was on a Wednesday and I had finished a temporary job interview nearby early and decided to walk up the street to their MLK Boulevard location. The house was nearly full and more patrons were pulling in as I entered and grabbed a seat at the counter. The staff was down home as expected and I could tell that most of their customers' were regulars as they were greeted by name.

The dining area was clean and the walls were plastered with posters and artifacts from the area which suggests that they are involved with their community. Their menu consisted mainly of seafood items which I did not order because it was not Friday. Fortunately they were still serving breakfast so I went with the liver and onions with scrambled eggs and grits meal. My order took about 20 minutes to materialize which is not bad considering the huge crowd on hand. The grits were okay; however, I was not too crazy about the gravy that they put on them which was a first for me. My scrambled eggs were also good but the star of the show was the liver and onions which were very tender, tasty, and delicious. Very few cooks can properly prepare liver. My total came to $6.99 which is quite reasonable for a full breakfast -- and there was no tax. Yea!

UPDATE! Their new location is 5931 NW 17th Ave, Miami, FL 33142. Find them in CBP's Black Pages Worldwide™!

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