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Travel Review Spring 2023
The Fish House Pensacola Florida
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By Jay Whipple

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Great Customer Service!

Re-published from a previous edition with Updates...

MLK Restaurant Miami Florida 2023 Review Pic!
I spotted the signage for this eatery while surveying sites for the upcoming QCT Fla-Al-Ga-NC (Fagan) Black Heritage Tour which will be offered for FREE online as a DIY project or as a multi-day bus trip that will be available for a fee. This place is located right at the Pensacola Bay near the bridge which connects with the Gulf of Mexico. I decided to make an unplanned stop here because 1. It was nearing supper time, and 2. Restaurants located this close to the bay/ocean typically have a higher quality of seafood to offer on their menu. At least that has been my personal experience since growing up in the Miami area of South Florida.

MLK Restaurant Miami Florida 2023 Review Pic!
I arrived just after dark, at approximately 7:30 PM (CST), after plugging in their address into my GPS. The parking lot was jam packed, as expected, especially since it was a Saturday night when most folks like to either eat out or order in from their favorite food delivery app like Door Dash. I was pleased to find plenty of parking spaces on the side and towards the rear of their business complex. This eatery reminded me of the old-style Fish Camps that were once very popular in North and South Carolina but today most have gone out of business simply because newcomers to those areas are more likely to dine at a popular chain seafood restaurant from their hometown.

MLK Restaurant Miami Florida 2023 Review Pic!This place was bustling with activity with many people arriving and departing which added to my excitement and decision to make an unscheduled stop. The waiting area was located up these steps with a view of the bay in the background. It was standing room only so I did my usual trick under similar circumstances and asked about ordering from the bar. It worked and I was pointed in the right direction by one of the friendly Maitre d's. The restaurant featured hard wood decor and was really nice especially with the fish tank and colorful fish near the entrance. I was quite surprised and elated that there were a few seats available at the bar.

MLK Restaurant Miami Florida 2023 Review Pic!These two very nice ladies moved my stool over from being behind a column so that I could sit comfortably. In hind sight, perhaps they were interested in a conversation of sorts. I was; however, so focused on my mission that that gesture did not even register until now - nearly a year later while writing this passage. It took just a few minutes for me to be recognized by the bartender who was very cordial and had a great sense of humor. In fact, he commented on my Alabama wings joke about them offering an item from a different state.

Their menu entrees were pretty pricey (some over $41); my trick - order appetizers and beer on tap, so I ordered their Grouper Bites, Alabama Wings (ha ha), and Guinness on tap. My total came to $28.93 with taxes which I still consider a bit on the pricey side considering what I ordered. I then made a trip to check out their restroom which was relatively clean; however, the trash needed attention. My bartender was nice enough to place silverware at my seat to save my space as this place was getting more and more busy. My takeout order was up in about 20 minutes which was very quick considering the huge crowd.

I scurried to my hotel room located across the bay in Mobile, Alabama, with my Alabama wings (ha ha) and stopped only once for fuel. After check-in I could not wait to reheat my pricey meal in their microwave oven. The Grouper bites were delicious; golden brown on the outside, and soft and tasty on the inside; not greasy, and not dry. The romaine lettuce salad was a nice treat while reheating the bites and it came with a spicy sauce that wasn't actually overbearing, just a little tart. Their tartar sauce was homemade and surprisingly good with a slight hint of a spicy after taste. Their wings were not spectacular but good, I enjoyed the lime and the sweet tasting jalapeno's the most as they survived the reheating test.

All in all, I enjoyed the great service at the eatery as well as their pricey meal. I plan to stop through again the next time that I am in the Pensacola area hopefully with other travelers.

The Fish House is located at 600 S. Barracks St, Pensacola, FL 32502; their website address is http://fishhousepensacola.com/, and phone number is +1-850-470-0003. Tell them that Trend Magazine Onlinesm sent you!

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