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Winter 2023/24
Miami Art Show 2023
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By Jay Whipple

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Art, Art, and More Art...Portions Re-published from a previous edition with 2023 Updates!cont'd.

Miami Art Show 2023 Part II Travel Article Pic
UPDATE! This year Art Miami, CONTEXT Art Miami, Aqua Art Miami, is taking place in-person from December 5 - December 10 , 2023, and Art of Transformation AFRICA Global will return to Opa Locka from December 2 - December 10, 2023. The 9-day event is part of Miami Art Week/Art Basel and reportedly was South Florida's largest display of African disaspora art. The city of Opa-Locka is covered on the QCT Miami Daily Black Heritage Toursm. Art Winwood is scheduled to take place February 14 - 18, 2024.

Click on the following lists of 2023 Exhibitors: Art Miami, CONTEXT Art Miami, Aqua Art Miami!

Miami Art Show 2019 Highlights...

Welcome back! Picking up where I left off in Part I; I would be kicking myself for the rest of my life I had not stopped at this next exhibit which featured a very familiar depiction of a farmer and his wife - pitched fork included. I first saw this depiction, as a kid, in the opening of the popular sitcom Green Acres which aired from 1965-1971. I later learned that their depiction was adopted from the now famous painting by Grant Wood (1891-1942) entitled American Gothic that he first introduced to the Art Institute of Chicago circa 1930 where it is currently on display. The models were his sister and dentist dressed up like a farmer in front of an actual little wood farmhouse in Eldon, Iowa (his home State). The presenter of this work was the Aldo Castillio Gallery of Estoro, FL. Next I could not bypass the exhibit that featured what appeared to be metal blankets draped over a rock and hanging from the wall. It turns out that this work was actually fashioned from old juice boxes that the artist (Olumide Onadipe) collected in Lagos, Nigeria Africa; his home base. He earned his Master's Degree in Visual Arts Education from the University of Lagos and is "Fascinated by textures and environmental themes, and explores the use of re-purposed plastics and paper to create mixed-media sculptures, wall hangings, installations, and paintings."
<<<Olumide Onadipe Piece

I am immediately drawn to any exhibit that features the word Miami; such was the case in the Subs Miami piece hanging from the wall of the Galerie Artima presenter. I also liked the way the work incorporated amenities associated with our world-class city to include MIMO (Miami Modern) architecture, palm trees, and sandy beaches. The presenter is located in Paris and London. I caught the person staffing this next exhibit deeply engrossed with his mobile device and could not pass on the opportunity to capture what I consider a "two heads are better than one" scenario. Ironically the work is entitled "Brain within a brain" and the presenter was Gallery Chiefs and Spirits out of the Netherlands. That guy was more than likely using his mobile device to greatly enhance their works by posting something useful on social media to draw a bigger crowd to their exhibit. Thanks to him it got my attention.

Miami Art Show 2023 Part II Travel Article Pic Miami Art Show 2023 Part II Travel Article Pic
<<<Brain Within a Brain Piece

I would be remiss if I breezed by this next exhibit that, after taking one look, entitled it the "Two-faced Lighted Ameba," Smile! It is actually entitled "We are all one" and the very nice gentleman that was on hand took quite a bit of time to explain to me the process of creating it, the concept, and what I could use it for in my yard. For example, the lighting can be changed; it's made of fiberglass, and is actually light weight as opposed to its appearance. He then wanted to know if I was interested in purchasing one? At this juncture I assumed that he was either the artist or was on a paid commission basis. Either way I personally had no interest in making a purchase at that time but was pretty sure someone else would be interested in his offer especially since he was so accommodating. The presenter was the Projects Gallery located not too far away from Context Art Miami in the world-famous Wynwood Arts District

Miami Art Show 2023 Part II Travel Article Pic
<<<King Kong Piece

The line "King Kong ain't got nothing on me" uttered by Oscar-winner Denzel Washington in the movie Training Day (2002) came to mind when I first laid eyes on this next installment. Believe it or not the title is actually King Kong presented by the Gallerie Frederic Got of Paris and Montreal Canada. Another thought that came to mind was the "original" movie Mighty Joe Young (1949) which featured a smaller version of King Kong (1933) who was captured in Africa and eventually transferred to Hollywood, CA, to be used in side shows. He eventually breaks free and wreaks havoc on the city before being re-captured and returned to Africa. Like most great black and white classics the movie was remade in color in 1998 but not nearly as good as the original even with all the blue screen crap to replace real dialogue. I was getting hungry so I stopped at this next exhibit because I thought they were selling sashimi. Just kidding! On a serious note the fish looked so real that I had to ask and was told by the lady staffing this installment that they were not. Did I believe her; what do you think? The presenter was the Nine Gallery of Gwangiu South Korea.

Miami Art Show 2023 Part II Travel Article Pic Miami Art Show 2023 Part II Travel Article Pic
<<<Luan Gallery

"Bond, James Bond" was all I could think of when I noticed this next exhibit that featured a very colorful lady dressed in a yellow skin tight jump suit with matching hair. She was so striking that I really did not take the time to check out the pieces of art on display. I wonder if others did the same? I hope not because that would defeat the purpose of paying all that money to purchase booth space. The presenter was the Luan Gallery of Seoul South Korea. This next installment caught my attention simply because it featured a piece that resembled me and my heritage. The brilliantly-colored work is entitled Afrikans and was presented by the GW Gallery of Sao Paula Brazil. Next, I have always been fascinated with tools and building and fixing things with them. My grandfather was a carpenter and I surmise that that is where that passion originated. Hence; it was the primary reason why this installment known as "Busy Work Tools" caught my attention. I was so excited that I wanted to go home and build something using those tools depicted in the spherical-shaped objects. The presenter was Analog Contemporary of Philadelphia, PA.

Miami Art Show 2023 Part II Travel Article Pic Miami Art Show 2023 Part II Travel Article Pic
My passion for how things work is what got my attention on this next exhibit entitled "Camera Worx" presented by the Galerie Barrou in Paris France. I spent quite a few moments fascinated by the thought of just how many hours went into the planning and execution of this work that included all the intricate parts that make up a camera down to the little springs and washers. I also wondered just how the talented artist was able to keep them in place while the medium (appeared to be some form of acrylic) hardened. Enquiring minds want to know. Next up; washing clothes is one of my least favorite domestic activities of all time along with watching paint dry. Conversely, I could not help but to wander over and wonder just how this next piece was functioning seemingly without any force. The attendant was not well versed in English so we resorted to gesturing back and forth to no avail so I snapped a pic and recorded a video so perhaps someone reading this article will be able to explain just how those articles were being propelled about. The work is entitled "Xtra Rinse Cycle" and the presenter NB7 of Madrid Spain.
^^^Xtra Rinse Cycle Piece

Miami Art Show 2023 Part II Travel Article Pic Miami Art Show 2023 Part II Travel Article Pic
The next exhibit is my favorite of the entire show simply because it portrays a truly American art form known as Jazz. I was immediately blown away by the montage of black and white photos entitled "All That Jazz" featuring some of the legendary artists that represent excellence and the reason why that form of improve music is still relevant today. I personally have a deeper appreciation for all of the artist on display as a former Jazz trumpeter who knows just how much practice, practice, practice is required to make it to the top of that musical genre; even if you are cannot read sheet music like some of them. It was also very entertaining to see how many of the performers I could name as some photos were snapped when they were younger than I could remember like John Coltrane (1926-1967), Miles Davis (1926-1991), and Thelonious Monk (1917-1982). I had no problem however identifying Louis Armstrong (1901-1971), Ella Fitzgerald (1917-1996), and Dizzy Gillespie (1917-1993) to name a few artists born just after the turn of the 20th Century. The icing on my cake came when I got a chance to meet and chat with the photographer who actually snapped these legendary photos of now iconic American artists. His name is Roberto Polillo of Milano and Rome Italy who "started making photographs in the [1960's]." It was indeed a pleasure to meet and greet him and you should take the time to visit his website to learn more about him and his intriguing works.

Miami Art Show 2020 Review Pic
Lastly, I was drawn to this exhibit because it portrayed a piece that featured my favorite mammals --lions. I also like horses but I am too afraid to pet or ride one. You may rightfully surmise that I feel the same way about the King of the Jungle which actually is mostly found in the plains of Africa. I learned that tidbit at the North Carolina Zoo years ago. My fascination with those powerful beasts stems from their ability to chase down their pray at break neck speeds all while looking pretty cool during the process. I also like the fact that they are not at all selfish with their catch as they will drag them back to camp in their powerful jaws so that the wifey and children can eat as well. Finally, I must admit that falling under the zodiac sign of Leo may have influenced my decision to select those big cats as my personal favorites. Unfortunately I did not jot down the name of the work or the artist but I can tell you that the presenter was Galeries Bartoux of New York.

I departed the Context Art Miami scene at about 4:15 PM after spending two memorable hours of enjoying works from various artists from many points on the globe. Although they were from different cultures and backgrounds, they all had one thing very much in common - talent.

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