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QCT Charlotte Black/African-American Heritage Tour™

Tour History

This is Charlotte's "Original" Black/African-American Heritage Tour™

Legal Note: Queen City Tours® and Travel is the sole "legal" proprietor of the QCT Charlotte Black/African-American Heritage Tour™. Engaging in this named or a similarly named tour with another entity is illegal and as such you may be party to legal actions.

Commissioner Valerie Woodard!

Source: The Charlotte Observer
In Memory of Commissioner Valerie Woodard

Part of this tour is/was featured in
US Airways Magazine, The Insider's Guide To Charlotte, and The Official Charlotte Visitors Guide!

Betts Family Reunion!
Betts Family Reunion/BOA Stadium

You never know who you will run into on our tours!

R & B Singer Anthony Hamilton in Myers Park

R & B Singer Anthony Hamilton! Richard Williams, Harvey Boyd, Juan Whipple, David White!

Left to Right: Mr. Harvey Boyd -- Creator of the Mecklenburg County Seal; Mr. Richard Williams -- Father and Trainer of Venus and Serena Williams; Mr. Juan Whipple -- Founder/Director of Queen City Tours® and Travel; Mr. Williams' Son; Mr. David White -- Developer

Prometheans 2007

Buffalo Soldier Photo!

Buffalo Soldier
Henri LeGendre

Turner Reunion 07/07/2007

Lou Donaldson Photo!

Jazz Great
Lou Donaldson

Daily Tour 07/25/2008

Lou Donaldson Photo!

Filmaker Soulet Borinqueneers


The Uptown Portion of our Standard City Tour is Covered on this Tour!
This service is now available year-round and for groups of 13 or less!
Read what a Charlotte native learned on our tour!