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Fall 2020
Ms. Dianne Brice
Visit Winston-Salem NC
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By Jay Whipple

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Just mention the word tourism and Dianne Brice's eyes light up like a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Her waiting for a group to decide to visit Winston-Salem is like a child waiting for Christmas to finally come. Ms. Brice's passion for the travel and tourism industry was again evident during our recent business lunch at Sweet Potatoes, a locally-owned unique eatery in Downtown Winston-Salem.
<<<Ms. Dianne Brice Visit Winston-Salem NC

I first met with her after she landed a sales job with the Charlotte Convention and Visitors Bureau in 1998. At that time, the city of Charlotte was on the verge of becoming a nationally known city and the bureau was playing a key role in marketing the Queen City under the leadership of Mr. Melvin Tennant - first African-American head of the bureau. I had landed in Charlotte over a decade earlier and was very excited about all the new opportunities that are associated with finally being mentioned on the national weather map. I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Brice on entertaining many motorcoach groups that she convinced to visit Charlotte. I remember her excitement and passion for her job as she provided my company with many tour and transportation leads.

^^^Dianne Brice

I was even more excited when I learned from a colleague that she was now promoting the charming city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, as their Sales Manager. A city that is home to many well-known institutions of higher learning that includes Wake Forest University and Winston-Salem State University. It is also home to Old Salem, Dr. Maya Angelou, the Black Theatre Festival, and my favorite snacks-- Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. It is an old industrial city that still maintains many of its historic buildings and architecture.


Like many southern towns, it is attracting folks from the Northern United States who are opting for warmer winters, a lower cost of living, and a slower more noticeable pace. I remember driving past Winston-Salem nearly 30 years ago on I-40 and taking notice of the skyline which seemed out of place considering the lack of similar skylines along that interstate. Ms. Brice, a Baltimore, Maryland native, has been here for less than a year but is already sold on moving to Winston-Salem permanently. Like me, she is ecstatic of the fact that this city is made for tourism with local and regional attractions within a days reach.


She enjoys spending time with family, gardening, reading and volunteering at a senior living facility; and with over 23 years of travel and tourism experience, Ms. Brice is a definite asset to Visit Winston-Salem and the city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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