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Travel Interview
Winter 2020/2021
Rapper King Royalty
Charlotte, NC
Trend Magazine Online™

By Jay Whipple

Trend Magazine Online™

Rapping/Writing With A Purpose; No Doubt!
Re-published from a previous edition
Rapper King Royalty of Charlotte NC Travel Review Pic
I was on the scene when the now historic Rapper's Delight - by the Sugar Hill Gang - first played on urban radio in 1979. Although it was not the first single that featured the spoken word in place of singing, it was the first to introduce the masses to what today is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. That hit was followed up by The Message by Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five in 1982 and countless more mega hits since then although critics (Black and white) predicted rap's demise decades ago. I must admit that I too doubted that this new genre, now known as Hip Hop, would survive the test of time.
<<<King Royalty Charlotte, NC

If I can point to one rap artist that convinced me that rap was here to stay, it would be the late Lesane Parish Crooks b.k.a. Tupac Shakur (1971 - 1996). This brother, in my opinion, was way ahead of his time in that he used his talents to galvanize the segment of the Black community known today as Thugs. His genius was incorporating slick catchy beats and catch phrases with words of wisdom and knowledge that moved the mind, body, and soul; much like the late Marvin Pence Gay, Jr. b.k.a. Marvin Gaye (1939 - 1984). I was indeed ecstatic to learn that our featured rap artist is also a Tupac (2Pac) fan and does realize the innate power of the spoken word intertwined with a slick catchy beat and phrasing. Back during Slavery times, drums were used to communicate encoded messages from plantation to plantation until the masters found out and did away with them. Here is what King Royalty of Charlotte (The Queen City) had to say about him and what he does to keep it real:


Jay -- I see that you were born and raised in the Queen City (Charlotte, NC), what side of town did you grow up?
King - I grew up on the Eastside of Charlotte, NC.

Jay - What high school did you attend?
King --- I went to a small private school called Evelyn Mack Academy.

Jay - Did you rap in High School? If yes, formally (on stage) or informally (on the block)?
King - In high school I would sometimes rap with friends in the parking lot just for fun. But I had a love for writing stories so I spent a lot of my time writing poetry back then.

Jay - At what age did you know that rapping would be in your future?
King - I was about 18 years old.

Jay - Did your friends and/or family encourage or discourage you from rapping?
King - My family always supported my music career and many of my friends thought it was cool. I had a couple of people who didn't understand it and didn't believe me because I was always seen as the shy quiet kid. They couldn't help but respect it once they realize how serious and dedicated I was to my music.


Jay - I see that Tupac was one of your early influencers, why, and what is your favorite rap by him?
King - I loved Tupac because he wasn't just a rapper. To me he was a leader and a poet who stood for something. He wanted to motivate and bring life back into his people. He just happens to rap and became a legend in hip-hop doing it. My favorite rap from him was his verse on "Same Song" with Digital Underground. I was a fan ever since I heard that record. I would also say "Brenda`s Got a Baby" & "Smile" with Scarface are my two favorite songs.

Jay - Do you think that it is okay to drop the "N" and "B" words during your rap? If yes; why? If no; why?
King - Umm.., I don't do it often because I don't like to say the "N" or "B" word in my music but sometimes I would say them depending on what I'm talking about and the point or message I'm trying to get across. Also I use them as an expression to bring the audience into what I'm feeling at that moment. But if you listen to my music you will hardly ever hear me use the "B" word in my music because it can be offending to my female fans/listeners. But the truth is there are some "B" words out here and sometimes I will touch a subject that speaks about those kinds of situations.

Jay - I consider the best rappers poets, do you consider yourself a poet? If yes; why?
King - Yes I do consider myself a poet because that is what introduced me into the hip-hop world. I remember I use to have my closet full of notebooks with poems and stories I've written. My mom use to yell at me because I would always use up all my school notebook paper and leave half written poems all over the place.

Jay - Is there one particular place that you physically go to produceKing Royalty Pic! your best rap? If yes; where and why?
King - I don't have a certain place I go because music is so random to me. Sometimes I can be walking down the street or anything and I will get an idea for a song or I'll put together an entire hook (Course) of a song in my head. Those are the songs that my fans love and I think that's because it comes straight from how I feel and life experiences.

Jay - Do you keep in touch with Man and Tron from Footboyz?
King - Yes I do, Man is like my brother we speak on a daily basis and I was actually with Tron to celebrate his birthday recently. So we still have love for each other regardless of music.


Jay - Do you think that you guys will perform again together some time in the future?
King - I don't see why not it's very possible. I've told them before I'm ready when they are.

Jay - What is the best part of being a solo artist?
King - Freedom! ...as a solo-artist when you want to do a show or put a project together I can just go ahead and make it happen. When you're with a group you have to make sure everybody is on the same page and making sure everybody gets their vision in the project so everybody can be happy with the completed project.

Jay - What is the worst part about being a solo artist?
King - The only thing I can think of is dealing with all the priorities of an artist like networking because it's hard trying to be at more than one place at the same time and remembering everybody you come in contact with. It would be easier to have group members that can help in that area. I'm always meeting new people and going to different clubs/events trying to expand my connections with people that can help push my career forward.

Jay - A great deal of young boyzs and girlzs in the hood would love to make it as a rapper, what is your key to success?
King - My key to success is hard work, faith and being you. Never give up because once you step into the public hip-hop world you have to stand strong in who you are and what you want to stand for in your career; because these critics do not care about your feelings or how much you put into your craft. Don't get in the game for the money and fame but do it for the love of music and the money and fame will come eventually; that will determine how long you will last in this game.
Jay - Do you have a solid financial plan for if and when you make it big? If yes, what is your strategy?
King -- My main goal is to start my own Record Label to bring forward the talent that is often overlooked by the major labels in the industry. I also want to get my hands into acting, fashion and start a program for the youth from ages 10-18 that focus on the kid's goals in life which would help mold them into the careers they want to get into and give them the resources needed to help make their dreams possible. Because schools don't really concentrate on the child's vision and in a way they feel limited to what they can do especially if they live in a community where it seems like there is no way out unless they sell drugs, play sports, or become a musician. Just want to let them know that you really can be whatever you want to be.
King Royalty Pic! Jay - What is more important, selling millions of records or educating our youth? Why?
King - Educating our youth is more important because the more we educate the youth the less ignorant we will have to see in the future unlike what we are witnessing now. But I'm trying to sell a million records that will educate the youth.
Jay - Do you think that rappers are given a bad rap for all being bad boyzs and girlzs? If yes; why? If no; why?
King - Yes we do get that bad rap for being the thugs and gangsters of the music world. I think it's because the hip-hop culture has always been aggressive and rappers always showed themselves as being harder than the next guy. Now a days rappers are taking it too far with the extra violence, drug and gang life; which have brain washed new artists that are not really living that lifestyle to try and fake like they do just to get attention.

Jay - Is anyone else in your family an entertainer? If yes, who and what do they do?
King - Yes my sister is a poet her name is Floetess. She does a lot of spoken word poetry and she also does Visual Artwork.
Jay - Do you play any instrument(s)? If yes, which one(s)?
King - No I don't anymore but I did play the Bass when I was young.

Jay - Have any of your songs been played by other artists? If yes, which one(s) and who are the artist(s)?
King - I've had a lot of artist play my music but the ones I could remember are Young Stella, Trapstar T and Yung Ziggy they always support my music. I've also have a lot of support from DJ`s who play my songs like DJ Catx, Dj Chuck T, DJ Skroog Mkduk, DJ Moon, and Dj Mario da Mic Man, and the list goes on. The songs that get more play are "Ratchet" and "Swagg Aint Dead."

Jay - How long does it typically take you to write a song?
King - Writing a whole song takes time so it differs depending on the energy and influences I have while putting a record together. 

Jay - Which would you like to do forever, write or perform? Why?
King - I would like to be able to perform forever and be a legend on stage like the Temptations or Dougie Fresh who is still entertaining fans on stage today.

Jay - What is your greatest perk as a rapper/entertainer; the money, getting dates, being recognized, or entertaining your fans? Why?
King - The greatest perk to me is entertaining my fans. I truly love the feeling when I'm giving my fans everything they want as an entertainer. I make sure my fans know when I say "I do this for you" I really mean it because my fans mean more to me than the money. When a fan comes up to me for an autograph or they just tell me "I really like your music" then to me right there is worth a million dollars.

Jay - What are your final thoughts concerning what you do as aKing Royalty Pic! rapper/entertainer/writer?
King -- I am the next king in line to be known and respected all across the world. I will not stop until I have reached as high as I can go!! Look out for my new mix tape entitled "Club King"!
Salute to my fans and supporters!!!

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