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Travel Review Fall 2020
Snappers Fish and Chicken Uber Eats Miami Florida

By Jay Whipple

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Not a Bad Combination!

Snappers Fish and Chicken Uber Eats Miami Florida Review Pic

This exclusive travel review is a follow-up of the one that we published in our March 2016 edition. For that review I ordered a take out from the drive thru window of their N.W. 54th Street and 17th Avenue location in the Liberty City area of Miami which is covered on the QCT Miami Daily Black Heritage Toursm segment three. Their first eatery opened in 2010 in West Coconut Grove also covered on the same tour segment two. I ordered their Snapper dinner plate with fries and coleslaw for $12.76 (with tax). My order included two large pieces of Snapper on top of two slightly toasted slices of white bread which was a nice touch in terms of presentation. I really enjoyed the fish and the extra packs of lemon juice they gave me for added flavor. I was so impressed that I returned on several other occasions while performing contract transportation services for Queen City Tourssm and Travel.

Snappers Fish and Chicken Uber Eats Miami Florida Review Pic
On one of those occasions I decided to spurge a little and order one of the priciest dinners on their menu which is the Whole Snapper Dinner at $15.99 plus tax. I did not know quite what to expect until they brought this aluminum platter with foil over the top. They warned me that it was piping hot and to be careful not to hold it by the bottom. I did so briefly only to confirm that it was indeed very hot. I then drove off into the sunset to find the perfect spot to uncover and enjoy this uniquely covered dish while on break from providing contract transportation for Queen City Tourssm and Travel.

I found the perfect spot off the causeway near the Biscayne Bay which was well lighted and very few others parked. I could not wait to peel back the cover on my uniquely packaged dinner as the aroma seeped through the pan. I was quite pleased to find the biggest piece of Whole Snapper that I have personally experiences sitting on top of a bed of fresh French fries. The presentation was spectacular and mouthwatering to say the least. My meal also came with a fresh side salad and dressing as well as lemon juice, hot sauce and non-homemade tartar sauce. It was so much food that I saved half to consume on another day.

Fast forward more than four years later I once again had a craving for their Whole Snapper Dinner with fresh fries. This go round I was caught in the middle of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and found myself shut in with no wheels. So I turned to Uber Eats to delivery my meal on a rainy Friday. They have two locations within a mile of my home but for some strange reason neither was listed in the app. The closest location listed was their store on N.W. 7th Avenue and 89th Street which is 3.4 miles away.

I placed my order at just before 5 P.M. (EST) and what I really like about the Uber Eats App is that it gives you a play-by-play update on your request. First, it lets you know who your driver is and then where they are located in conjunction with the pick-up point. You can then follow their movements via the app and be able to tell when they arrive at the restaurant. It is like being a big brother watching over the whole process. In my case I could see that my driver had arrived shortly after 5 P.M. and that he was awaiting my order to be completed. The app then gave me an estimated delivery time of 5:25 P.M. I could then see him leaving the location at about 5:15 P.M. only to turn around and head back.

When my driver turns around it typically means that they have to pick up another order from the same restaurant. The problem is Uber Eats does not inform you of this type delay which leaves you guessing at what happened. So I watched my estimated delivery time change several times while the delivery driver's vehicle remained idle on the app. He finally departed again at about 5:40 P.M. and arrived at just before 6 P.M. Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) concerns they give you the option of a drop off delivery or meeting the driver at their vehicle. I opted for the latter because of the sporadic rain showers. You also have the option of leaving written notes for the driver which comes in handy say if you have a vicious dog or mother-in-law (just kidding). Their app was very accurate in terms of the estimated arrival time which allowed me to head outside just before my driver Francisco arrived. Uber Eats also provides the driver's vehicle type and license number. You can also tip your driver (which I did) 10%, 15%, or 20% via the app. I strongly suggest tipping because delivery drivers are not well compensated for their time and vehicle expenses.

My order arrived still very hot in the same baking pan covered in aluminum foil as before via the drive through window. It came with hot sauce and store bought Ken's Steak House Tartar Sauce in small plastic containers. The hot sauce appeared to be authentic. This go round my order came with sliced limes as opposed to lemon packs which I consider a step up in service. The fish was battered and fried to perfection, as before, and just as delicious as before. The fries were not what I consider the best that I have ever had but complemented the fish very well.

My total, including delivery fee and tip, came to $26.64 which is a bit pricey but well worth it considering that all I had to do is walk outside my house and collect it from the driver. I will certainly be placing additional orders when I can afford it and definitely from Snapper's Fish and Chicken.

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