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News --
By Month/April 2013
Updated March 31, 2013

-- 2013 Chinese Travelers Trends!

Chinese Travelers News

-- The Best U.S. Airport Is!

The Best U.S. Airport News

-- Wilmington, NC, Region Praised for Revolution!

Revolution News PIC

The long wait for new episodes of "Revolution" ends Monday when the series returns to NBC's prime-time lineup after a four month absence. Fans of the show won't be only ones glad to have it back. The "Revolution" stars were eager to return to work after a three-week break in the middle of the season.

"The city [Wilmington] has been so gracious," show creator Eric Kripkehe said. "They've been open to all the crazy stuff we asked them to do. Every time we'd have an explosion and blow up half a city block, I'd call production and say, 'They've been OK with that?' Wilmington has been a pleasure to work with from start to finish."

"I can't even tell you how pretty Wilmington is," actress Elizabeth Mitchell said. "The sunsets and sunrises are probably the prettiest I've ever seen. I had a friend watching a sunset here [in Los Angeles] and he was like, 'They've got nothing on Wilmington.' "

Actor David Lyons said, "What has been so surprising and beautiful is the people who have gotten behind us. I now have some beautiful friends who live in North Carolina I've never had before."

Source -- Visit NC

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