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NEWS -- By Month/2013

Updated November 30, 2013

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January 2013

-- 16% Boost in Tourism Sector Recorded in Iceland!

Iceland Tourism Boost News!

-- Stolen iPads Leaves TSA Agent Caught Red Handed!

TSA iPod Theft News

-- 8 N.C. Hotels Included Among Top 500 Travel and Leisure!

8 N.C. Hotels Top 500 News

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February 2013

-- Record Number of Tourists to be Welcomed in Mexico in 2013!

Mexico Tourist News!

-- America Airlines/U.S. Airways Merger Update!

America Airlines U.S. Airways News!

-- 15th Anniversary of Dawson's Creek Debut!

Dawson's Creek News!

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March 2013

-- Greece Makes A Comeback!

Travel Trends 2013 News

-- Athletes Prefer Las Vegas Vacation!

Caribbean Tourism News!

-- Film Crews Gearing Up For North Carolina Productions!

NC Film Productions News!

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April 2013

-- 2013 Chinese Travelers Trends!

2013 Chinese Travelers Trends News!

-- The Best U.S. Airport Is!

The Best US Airport News

-- Wilmington, NC, Region Praised for Revolution!

Wilmington, NC, Revolution Series News

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May 2013

-- Visit These Worldwide Destinations Before They Disappear Forever!

Worldwide Destinations News!

-- The Next Bombing Was New York Tourist Hotspot!

Bombing News!

-- Box office sees strong growth at Winston-Salem, NC, River Run Festival!

River Run Film Festival News!

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June 2013

-- Sport Tourism Changing Trends!

Sport Tourism News!

-- Manhattan Bike Sharing A Success!

Manhattan Bike Sharing News!

-- Ghost Town Reopens Memorial Day Weekend!

Ghost Town News!

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July 2013

-- Dr. Tayyar, Middle East's Tourism Industry Leader!

Middle East Tourism Leader News!

-- Paula Deen Cruise Doubles After "N" Word!

Paula Deen Cruise News!

-- SciQuarium Opens In Greensboro, North Carolina!

Greensboro SciQuarium News!

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August 2013

-- Maldives Has World's Largest Undersea Hotel

Undersea Hotel News!

-- Delta Queen Iconic Steamboat May Sail Again

Delta Queen News!

-- Renewed For Summer 2014 -- CBS's Under The Dome

CBS Under The Dome News!

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September 2013

-- Building a Sustainable Future for Maldivian Chaaya Hotels

Maldivian Chaaya Hotel News!

-- Mango Festival in Trinidad and Tobago

Words With Friends News!

-- Cracked section of Blue Ridge Parkway Re-Opens

Blue Ridge Parkway Cracked Section Re-Opens News!

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October 2013

-- 9,500 Year Old Figurines from Tel Aviv Discovered

Old Figurines News!

-- Four Seasons Houston Bought by Bill Gates

Bill Gates News!

-- Additional Filming at Tryon Palace, NC, for Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow Series News!

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November 2013

-- Wellness Tourism Eclipses Recreational Tourism By 2017

Travel News!

-- Historic Ellis Island Reopens After Superstorm Sandy

Travel News!

-- Homeland Series Renewed For 4th Season In North Carolina

Travel News!

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December 2013

-- Tourism Expansion Drive Planned For Zanzibar

Travel News!

-- Americans Visiting UK Are Up 23%

Travel News!

-- Christmas In Conway Premieres On ABC -- Filmed In North Carolina

Travel News!

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