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Eloise and Earnestine Soul Food Restaurant Miami FL,
Travel Review Winter 2019/2020

By Jay Whipple

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Like Grandma's Cookin'!
Re-published from a previous edition...
Eloise and Earnestine Soul Food Restaurant Miami FL Review Pic

Eloise and Earnestine Soul Food Restaurant Miami FL Review Pic! I did not have to go far to check out this new eatery because it is literally across the street (avenue) from where I lived during my teenage years while attending Miami Beach Senior High School. I believe the building that it is located in used to be where my Uncle Gerald once co-owned a corner store way back in the late 1970's. I am not sure what happened but it did not last very long. Corner stores (like restaurants) require one to be on duty all the time, including weekends and holidays. They also require a lot of trust with employees, especially those that handle cash. You may notice that most mom and pops will have a relative at the cash register or themselves to ensure that every sale ends up in the bank and not some employee's pocket.

Just north and across the street from this plaza is my old home away from home; the old community center (today Boxing Center/Youth Club House) which was my haven for staying out of the mean streets and thus trouble (most of the time). It was there that I became a pro at billiards and ping pong and was able to beat any average person at both. The center operated on a first up basis and you got to play as long as you won. If you lose, it could be up to two hours or more before you got another chance to play especially during the busy summer months when we were out of school.

I learned from not backing down and looked forward to getting my butt kicked by the older players; some of whom were grown men in their 30's and up who could have easily been professional hustlers. Thank God no betting was allowed because that kept the guns and serious fights away. We played mostly for bragging rights and being pointed out as the guy no one wanted to play. Trash talking was encouraged only if you could back it up with outstanding play. I miss those days, the competition, and the dudes that still have a place in my memories of growing up in Miami. Back then we did not refer to each other by the "N" word unless it was from a negative connotation.

Now back to the matter at hand. I decided to check this place out during their breakfast hours and after working the drunken shift (12a - 5a) as a contract driver. I was a bit confused at first as to how to get into this place but then took the time to read the sign on the door that said enter at the other door. Reading is fundamental! The interior is set up quite contemporary and reminded me of grandma's home and kitchen. They have these clocks everywhere! I love clocks and really enjoyed checking out each and every one of them. I once owned a working coo coo clock and they are pretty neat. The only down side is that it takes forever to change the times during the spring and fall. I decided to order a take out because I had to be at the library when they opened to conduct research for our upcoming Miami tours. The staff was very friendly and cordial and there was no line when I arrived around 9 a.m. I ordered their breakfast special with scrambled eggs, grits, bacon, and wheat toast. My total came to $5.89 with tax which I consider very reasonable for breakfast. I checked out their men's room while waiting and it was clean as well as the dining area.

My order was up in less than 10 minutes and my eggs were cooked to perfection; fluffy, bright yellow, and tasty. My grits were well prepared in that they were not over or under cooked. My bacon was prepared the same as well as my toast.

I enjoyed this eatery so much that I placed them on my regular schedule for breakfast while working in South Florida for Queen City Tourssm.

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