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Travel Review Summer 2021
Affordable Corporate Suites Roanoke, VA, Part I of III

By Jay Whipple

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Extended Stay Nightmare!

Affordable Corporate Suites Roanoke VA Review Pic

This review represents a first for our magazine since we began publishing in 1991, 30 years ago. Our goal up until now has been to provide our readers with positive content on an eclectic array of people, places, and things related to entertainment, travel, and leisure around the globe. On that note, this is my first published negative review for Trend Magazine Onlinetm which concerns a long-term stay property that has a really catchy brand name Affordable Corporate Suites. Unfortunately, my stay was filled with a plethora of negative events so much so that we decided to share that experience with our readers in hopes that this property will change the manner in which they handle valid complaints from loyal guests. Prior to deciding to publish this detailed negative review I made multiple attempts in writing (for over a year) with Onsite Management, the owner, as well as several third-party organizations that protect consumers from fraud and poor services to rectify the many issues arising out of my extended stay.

Affordable Corporate Suites Roanoke VA Review Pic! I included written, audio, and video evidence to support my claims and to my surprise the owner not only chose to ignore them all but attacked me and my credibility to include making multiple false claims and using strong language like "they could have tossed me out of their property" and questioning why I chose to stay. I also pointed out the double standards that they allowed for certain guests. This was not the first negative travel experience that I have had and probably will not be the last. This is, however, the first time that I was attacked after providing valuable feedback to a site whose tradename (Affordable Corporate Suites) is in stark contrast to their services rendered. As such, all of the evidence presented to management, the owner, as well as third party consumer protection organizations will be included in this detailed review. Affordable Corporate Suites Roanoke VA Review Pic!I was traveling back and forth from South Florida to the Charlotte, NC, area and decided that an extended stay property would be a lot more economical than a traditional hotel or motel that charges by the day as opposed to the week. An apartment was out of the question because most do not offer short-term rentals at an economical rate. Most prefer one-year written leases. In addition, these type properties are equipped with kitchenettes that allow guests to store and cook meals saving quite a bit on dining out daily. After performing an Internet search in the Charlotte, NC, area I decided on the off brand with the catchy name Affordable Corporate Suites which gave me the impression that it was a small corporate organization that catered to business and professional types like myself. The name also suggests that their rates were not jacked up to pay for the marketing associated with more well-known Extended Stay brands. I checked out their online reviews (later finding out that some were fake 5-stars) and they seemed okay except there were a few that complained about the unprofessionalism of management (red flag). I then decided to fire off an email inquiry to see what type of response they would provide. They responded very promptly, and their response was very professional, i.e., no spelling or grammatical errors.

Affordable Corporate Suites Roanoke VA Review Pic!I then checked their locations in Concord, NC, and Kannapolis, and decided that the former would work better because it was closer to the Charlotte Motor Speedway where we work the races in May and September/October. They furnished a great rate on a studio unit but stated that none were available at either location for my move in date, but the Kannapolis property would more than likely become available sooner. Based on that information I decided to move in there as it was only about 10 miles from the Concord location. Also, that location was surrounded by restaurants, retail stores, convenience stores, auto shops, and even a Super Wal-Mart, all within walking distance. Affordable Corporate Suites Roanoke VA Review Pic! I moved in on the date promised, paid the deposit and first week's rent on their standard suite which includes a bedroom. The room was immaculate, and all appliances worked to include the microwave and Wi-Fi. I was quite impressed but looked forward to stepping down to their studio unit, which is $50 less per week, approximately $217 less per month, and approximately $2,600 less per year. Yes, I did the math! All was going well until the Manager from Hell flipped personalities (like Jekyll and Hyde) shortly after my move in and collecting my money and earning her bonus (per her statement). She started out by directing me to park my minivan in a particular spot that I was not happy about because it was next to work vans that were covered in mud, dented, and had construction equipment attached. I checked their policies and no where did it stipulate assigned parking. I kindly informed her that I was not comfortable parking where she "ordered me to park" and that I did not see that in their policies. In hindsight, I now realize that she was that nosey, very vindictive, multi-personality, site manager who was the subject of those bad online reviews mentioned above.

Affordable Corporate Suites Roanoke VA Review Pic!
I then decided to fire off an email to the owner just to get an idea of whether he was familiar with the unprofessionalism of his site manager and even copied the complaints from the online reviews (also copied to this web page). In addition, I informed him that I was a travel writer just to give him heads up that I could write good things about my stay (which was my plan). His no response was a clear indication that he was aware and either did not care, did not know what to do, or was afraid. I later learned from the Manager from Hell that she had been at that property longer than any other manager and that the owner had problems keeping someone on the payroll. I later learned that they had been able to survive because most guests would only stay a few days at a time which did not give them an opportunity to experience the Jekyll and Hyde personality of the Manager from Hell. I mentioned that most guest did not get this chance; however, others were not so fortunate. I will clue you in on the sordid details of what this manager disclosed to me about certain guests later in my review as well as her constant complaints about the owner. Affordable Corporate Suites Roanoke VA Review Pic! The gist of my email to the owner also included his Onsite Manager's complaint about the clutter in my room shortly after my move into their standard room. I explained to her that I was deciding what to keep in my room and what to place in my storage unit since I was planning on an extended stay on their property. She also complained about me storing certain frequently used items in my 2nd vehicle to keep from having to go back and forth from my storage unit 15 minutes away. My first incident of how wacky the Onsite Manager was, who reminded me of Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies, came after I inquired about the email that I sent to the owner. She lied and stated that nothing was said to her, and that the owner was watching and listening from the office security camera, and that she was going to place me on "probation;" as if I was a criminal. Well, although the owner did not reply directly to my email, his assistant did confirm receipt and assured me that they would speak with the Onsite Manager.

Affordable Corporate Suites Roanoke VA Review Pic!I then began searching the area for another extended stay property and unfortunately the closes one had a major incident that required a multiple police response and the whole event made the news. I then decided to tough it out for a few months until transferring back to South Florida for the tourist season in the fall. That decision resulted in a myriad of subsequent negative experiences that included poor housekeeping, poor security, poor to no room maintenance, bugs, more harassment by the Onsite Manager as well as way too much personal information about other guests and the owner.

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